Ethical Hacking - Cyber Security

160 Hours
160 Hours / Session

Do You Think That Your Facebook passwords Are Safe? How Do You Know If The Transactions That You Do Are Safe Or Not? What If Someone Is Monitoring Your Gmail Accounts? What Are You Going To Do Then? Have You Ever Thought About It? 
Well No, Need To Worry!!!

Enter Into The World Of Hacking As Ethical Hackers.
IIHT Navsari, one of the best ethical hacking institutes in Navsari, is proud to announce that it is now directly conducting workshops, seminars and corporate training for Ethical Hacking, Information Security, Penetration Testing, and Web Application Security. 

The purpose of ethical hacking is to evaluate the security of and identify vulnerabilities in systems, networks or system infrastructure. It includes finding and attempting to exploit any vulnerabilities to determine whether unauthorized access or other malicious activities are possible.

The rapid and dramatic advances in information technology (IT) in recent years have without question generated tremendous benefits. However, they have created significant and unprecedented risks to operations. Computer security has, in turn, become much more important as all levels of an organization to utilize information systems security measures to avoid data tampering, fraud, disruptions in critical operations, and inappropriate disclosure of sensitive information.

The current demand for Information Security jobs continues to grow. With information security increasingly becoming a boardroom level concern, training and certification are becoming increasingly important for candidates and companies.