10 Cloud Computing Trends to Keep an Eye On!
Using the network of remote servers to store, manage and process data with access to a huge amount of data provided through the Internet (the cloud) has become the lifeline…

Frequently Asked Interview Questions : SQL Basics
Placement season is on and aspirants having the basic understanding of SQL are making the most of it. The most widely used RDBMS that uses SQL are Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle. As one of the standard language for relational database systems, it is used to extract data and update data on a database and with the advent of Big Data Analytics, the demand of SQL is at an all-time high. So to help aspirants with their interviews, we are listing the most common SQL interview questions asked in placement for the session 2018-19.
With evolution in technology, our requirements and dependence on technology have exponentially grown and to create solutions to all our needs we followed a series of steps which were instructions…