Evolution of Programming and Java
With evolution in technology, our requirements and dependence on technology have exponentially grown and to create solutions to all our needs we followed a series of steps which were instructions to the computer and were termed as Programs and process of creating such solutions was called as Programming. There was a time when many new platforms were coming into existence and amongst them there was one language which was gaining popularity known as C and this became the most popular and widely used platforms for programming but at the very same time there were many loopholes too and as a result the need for a new and dynamic language became important and thus concept of Object Oriented Programming System (OOPS) came into existence and thus one of the most popular programming languages, Java was created by James gosling in Sun Microsystems.
Importance and editions of Java
Java had many features that made it a delight to every programmer as it was Simple, Object Oriented, Robust, Secure, Architecture-Neutral, Portable, Interpretable, Threaded and Dynamic, all the four pillars of Oops namely Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, and Inheritance were also incorporated. Java code exists in .Java format and after compilation its format changes to .Class the second step of code conversion is called Interpretation after which the code changes to Bytecode, the portable format is a .class file. Interpretation of .class file is done by Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which is an abstracting platform for interpreting java codes.
Three editions of Java language are Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Mobile Edition, all these editions serve different purposes where SE is primarily used to make desktop applications, EE is used for web based applications and ME serves for mobile applications.
Significance and Versions of Android
Android was developed by Android Inc. and was later bought by Google in 2005, android didn’t have much impact initially but gradually it evolved and became the most popular operating system for mobile. As it is open source, android became the first choice for all the developers.
Android started capturing the market and with popularity of Smartphone’s even android spread its wings and became the most widely used OS and with its popularity and exponential increase in demand it incorporated more features to maintain its dominance and thus several versions were released which primarily are: Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice-cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and KitKat.
Importance of Java + Android in your career growth
Although there is no difference between Java for Oracle and Java for Android, there is a disparity in the manner they run, in android the role of JVM is played by Dalvik Virtual machine. There are many factors in learning Java and Android to boost your career.
Android supports native code applications but Java serves as the main development tool for many reasons the popularity, the concept of VM, security, and reliability, open source support are some of the prime reasons. There is a huge market of android OS and the open source feature allows you to get your task done in a way you want it to be done, also there are multitudinous apps available in the play store that attracts users of every type and there is nothing as easy as downloading, installing and using a mobile app.
The market predictions indicate a huge scope for android; it also carries booming job prospects for developers. Multitasking is what an employer seeks and nothing can be as ideal as a developer proficient in both Java and android.
With such proliferation in the demand for professionals who can work on Java and Android platforms, impeccable training of theoretical concepts with practical implementation is the need of the hour and thus, to deliver the best of the language proficiency IIHT has incorporated training programs that extensively emphasize on the practical implementation on the topics covered theoretically, the prime concern is not only to educate the candidates in their respective domain but to make them both adept and proficient in the best possible ways. IT is an industry that requires immense practical expertise and this is what IIHT focuses on.
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