Microsoft Hyper V

180 Hours
180 Hours / Session

Why learn Hyper V ?

Hyper-V Cloud is Microsoft initiative to provide customers with virtualization and
virtualization management software to make easier for a business to virtualize existing
server hardware assets and move them to a private or public cloud.


  • Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud
    1. Introduction to the private cloud.
    2. Configuring and optimizing business unit clouds.
    3. Deploying cloud services.
    4. Monitoring private cloud services.
    5. Configuring application performance monitoring.
    6. Operating and extending service management in the private cloud.
    7. Problem management in the private cloud.
    8. Automating incident creation, remediation and change request.
    9. Automating Self Service Provisioning
    10. Private Cloud Protection and Recovery.
    11. Configuring Compliance in the Private Cloud.
  • Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud
    1. Planning for private cloud.
    2. Private Cloud Configuration and Deployment with System Center Virtual
    Machine Manager.
    3. Extending and Maintaining the Private Cloud Infrastructure.
    4. Configuring Virtual Application delivery.
    5. Creating the Private Cloud Building Blocks.
    6. Deploying and Accessing the First Business Unit Cloud.
    7. Monitoring the Private Cloud Infrastructure.
    8. Extending and Customizing Monitoring of the Private Cloud Infrastructure.
    9. Implementing Service Management for the Private Cloud.
    10. Configuring a Private Cloud Service Catalogue.
    11. Protecting the Private Cloud Infrastructure.
    12. Automating and Standardizing the Private Cloud.