N+ Networking

60 Hours
60 Hours / Session

CompTIA Network+ helps develop a career in IT infrastructure covering troubleshooting, configuring, and managing networks.

Network+ ensures an IT professional has the knowledge and skills to:

  • Topics:
    Lesson 1: Network Theory
    Topic A: Network Types
    Topic B: Network Standards and the OSI Model
    Topic C: Data Transmission Methods
    Lesson 2: Bounded Network Media
    Topic A: Copper Media
    Topic B: Fiber Optic Media
    Topic C: Bounded Network Media Installation
    Lesson 3: Unbounded Network Media
    Topic A: Wireless Networking
    Topic B: Wireless Network Devices and Components
    Topic C: Implement Wireless Technology
    Topic D: Internet of Things
    Lesson 4: Network Implementations
    Topic A: Physical Network Topologies
    Topic B: Logical Network Topologies
    Topic C: Ethernet Networks
    Topic D: Network Devices
  • Lesson 5: TCP/IP Addressing and Data Delivery
    Topic A: The TCP/IP Protocol Suite
    Topic B: IPv4 Addressing
    Topic C: Default IP Addressing Schemes
    Topic D: Create Custom IP Addressing Schemes
    Topic E: IPv6 Addressing
    Lesson 6: Routing and Switching
    Topic A: Switching
    Topic B: Network Packet Routing
    Topic C: Static and Dynamic IP Routing
    Topic D: VLANs
    Lesson 7: TCP/IP Implementation
    Topic A: Configure IP Addresses
    Topic B: Naming Services
    Topic C: TCP/IP Utilities
    Topic D: Common TCP/IP Protocols
    Lesson 8: Network Security Analysis
    Topic A: Introduction to Network Security
    Topic B: Network Security Policies
    Topic C: Physical Security
    Topic D: Common Network Attacks
  • Lesson 9: Network Security Implementation
    Topic A: Authentication
    Topic B: Access Control
    Topic C: Port, Service, and Protocol Security
    Topic D: Wireless Network Security
    Topic E: Patches and Updates
    Topic F: Mitigation Techniques
    Lesson 10: WAN Infrastructure
    Topic A: WAN Basics
    Topic B: WAN Connectivity Methods
    Topic C: WAN Transmission Technologies
    Topic D: VoIP
    Lesson 11: Cloud and Virtualization Techniques
    Topic A: Virtualization Technologies
    Topic B: Network Storage Technologies
    Topic C: Cloud Computing
    Lesson 12: Remote Networking
    Topic A: Remote Network Architectures
    Topic B: Remote Access Network Implementations
    Topic C: Virtual Private Networking
    Lesson 13: Network Management
    Topic A: Monitor Networks
    Topic B: Document the Network
    Topic C: Establish Baselines
    Topic D: Optimize Network Performance
    Topic E: Ensure Business Continuity
    Lesson 14: Troubleshooting Network Issues
    Topic A: Network Troubleshooting Methodology
    Topic B: Network Troubleshooting Tools
    Topic C: Troubleshoot Wired Connectivity and
    Performance Issues
    Topic D: Troubleshoot Wireless Connectivity and
    Performance Issues
    Topic E: Troubleshoot Network Service Issues

·       Jobs that use Network+

Junior Network Administrator

Computer Technician

Network Field Technician

Help Desk Technician

Junior System Engineer

System Engineer

IS Consultant

Network Support Specialist

Network Field Engineer

Network Analyst