60 Hours / Session


A PLC is a solid state / industrial computer that performs discrete or sequential logic in a factory environment. It was originally developed to replace mechanical relays, timers, counters. A sequence of instructions is programmed by the user to the PLC memory. Its purpose is to monitor crucial process parameters and adjust process operations accordingly.


    • Digital Electronics including logic gates basics.
    • What is PLC? & Its fundaments'.
    • PLC hardware and architecture.
    • Wiring Concept.
    • Attachment with different field device to PLCs.
    • What is ladder logic?
    • Intro to different PLC programming software.
    • Creating new applications via different ideas & methods with proper addressing.
    • All programming instruction related to arithmetic and logical operation including with timers and counters etc & advance instructions like moving, shifting etc.
    • Uploading and Downloading of program & how to troubleshoot the problem.
  • Communication with SCADA software.