90 Hours
90 Hours / Session


The Revit design for Student course is one in every of the most effective and most comprehensive, efficient Revit courses you’ll realize on the net.

It’s a one of everything you wish to start out making skilled building styles that interact purchasers, decision them to action, and ultimately cause you to money!

If you’re longing for a genuinely effective course that equips you to create spectacularly given building styles which will begin earning you higher pay and saving you time within the method, this is often sure to be the amount one course for you.

The course is structured in simple to follow modules ranging from basic ideas to a lot of intermediate applications. it’s educated victimization Autodesk Revit design 2014 version of the package. The course is in video format. The course can change construction professionals get ahead within the learning curve of Building info Modelling. A system that’s presently riveting the business, of that there’s demand for competent professionals.


  • Introduction to BIM & Revit Architecture
  • Place and modify walls & complex Walls
  • Add and modify wall profiles
  • Places Doors, Window & Components
  • Dimensions and Ceilings
  • Curtains Walls & Stairs
  • Conceptuals Models
  • Annotations & Schedules
  • Sheets and Titles Blocks
  • Views, Camera , Walk-through, Render & Solar study
  • In-place Families
  • Site Design
  • Link Projects & Collaborations
  • Design Phase
  • Realistic presentation
  • Import and Export